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Our standard boot wiper includes a built in steel boot scraper.
Replacement boot brushes are available.

Call, email or contact us through our online enquiry form for pricing details or to request a bespoke model:

Barricade Ltd offer a wide variety of standard steel boot wipers, boot scrapers and replacement boot brushes. Our boot wiper ensures the removal of mud and dirt from all kinds of footwear and sport shoes. The built in metal boot scraper can be used to remove the stubborn dirt from the soles of footwear before the brush ensures a clean finish so that no excess dirt is trailed indoors or onto sports facilities.

Our boot wiper and boot scrapers are an ideal placement next to playing fields, public footpaths, park grounds and a whole host of other situations. Our boot wipers are galvanised to ensure that they are weather resistant, and can be finished in a wide variety of colours.

We also offer replacement brushes for all of our boot wiper units, we can also offer replacement brushes for existing boot wipers purchased from another supplier.

Please click on the links below to view more details on our boot wiper range (Opens in new tab).

'Solo' boot wiper 'Messi' boot wiper 'Junior' boot wipers 'Senior' boot wipers Replacement brushes Ground fixings

boot wipers on track

             Boot wiper and boot scraper - Features / Options:

  • Heavy duty, robust steel construction

  • Galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 as standard
  • Durable mounted boot brush to remove dirt from footwear

  • Boot scraper to remove stubborn dirt

  • Powder coating options to any BS or RAL in any school or team colours to suit the surrounding environment

  • Different heights available for children and adults

  • Replacement brushes available

    Various fixing options available:
  • Root fix (into concrete, tarmac, or grass)
  • Base plate fix (bolt into concrete/tarmac)
  • Removable - complete with ground sockets to remove the product for safe storage.

Placing a boot wiper and shoe scraper unit next to a sports field or a school playing area enables the removal of the majority of caked on mud and dirt from all types of sporting footwear; this ensures that the footwear is thoroughly cleaned before returning to the changing room or classroom, thus reducing the spread of dirt and mud. The boot wiper unit can either be concrete fixed into the ground; bolted to a hard surface, such as concrete, tarmac; or installed into soft ground using a ground fixing spike.

'Junior Single' and 'Senior Double' Boot Wipers double boot wiper in black
Shown above: The 'Junior Single' and 'Senior Double' boot wipers. The boot wiper has two brushes on the side, one along the bottom, and protruding 'scrapers' to ensure the removal of the vast majority of mud and dirt.
messi boot wiper in black wall mounted boot wiper
The 'Messi' type boot wiper situated next to golf course
'Senior Treble' wall fixed boot wipers offer more stability and less obtrusive placement options

The design of the boot wiper means that it will remove dirt from a studded football boot just as easily as it will a rubber soled training shoe, or golf shoe.
The boot wiper is an ideal fixture for school playing fields and both amateur, and professional sports grounds alike.

Various football boot wipers, sports-shoe wipers and scrapers offered by Barricade Ltd:

The 'Solo' boot wiper
Close up of brushes on 'Messi' boot wiper.
The 'Solo' type boot wiper brushes and scraper close-up
Close up of brushes on 'Messi' boot wiper
solo boot wiper golf wall mounte boot wiper top view
The 'Solo' boot wiper is an ideal fixture on a golf course or
any sports area
Wall fixed boot wiper finished in green.
Any standard BS or RAL colours available
Boot scraper and boot cleaner Boot scraper
The root fix option boot wiper fixes directly into the
ground (For soft ground fixing)
The base plate option boot wiper fixes to the
surface (For hard ground fixing)
boot wipers ground spikes Boot wiper finished in red
Ground spikes are also available for when a temporary yet sturdy
fixing is required into soft ground
Root fix boot wiper. Various colour finishes available to match in with existing colour schemes.

  For more information on our boot wipers / boot scrapers, or to order replacement brushes please contact our sales team.
You can also find more information regarding our boot wipers here:

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